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Brownie Points is a game based on the extremely popular clicking game, Cookie Clicker. You can play BrowniePoints here .

The objective of BrowniePoints

Brownie Points is a game where you try to make as many Brownies as possible, until you get bored. The game automatically saves your progress with cookies, but if you delete them, so will your progress. You can get to the top of the leaderboards by getting the most brownies at one point in time. However, the top spots are ridden with often filled with autoclickers. The game was first made in 2017 by DatOneLefty, but the project died soon after due to improper programming techniques. But, he decided to rewrite the game in a new language and made moderation much easier. The game now has multiple users on at almost all times and is a constantly growing community.

Latest activity

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A brownie in-game

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